Perth Sunset Beach Maternity Photoshoot | Adelaide


Perth Sunset Beach Maternity Photoshoot – Adelaide

This sunset beach maternity photoshoot  was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced in my 8+ years of photographing sunset sessions. The weather was looking pretty grim, but we decided to go ahead and thought for sure we would at least get a good sunset due to the forecast of ‘possible rain’.  This would have to have been the quickest mini session to date.  Done and finished in just under 20 minutes, including wardrobe change!!  We weren’t far into the shoot when the wind picked up along the beach and the clouds moved in and opened up to start sprinkling us with rain.  We soldiered on only, with poor Adelaide having to move quickly through the dunes in her condition which wasn’t ideal!!  We headed for the jetty for shelter and the rain stopped just long enough for some shots on the jetty but then back came the rain.  As we headed back up the beach towards the carpark we stopped for one last shot with the beach in the background before the session ended!!  I just love the colour and feel of the photos.  I  think it gives the impression of a calm before the storm perfectly!!
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sunset beach maternity photoshoot 825x1024 | Perth Sunset Beach Maternity Photoshoot  | Adelaide | maternity

A few short weeks later, little Fletcher arrived!! You can view his newborn images HERE

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