Choosing the right Perth Newborn Photographer

So you have just discovered you are pregnant and are starting the exciting journey to becoming first time parents, or perhaps this is baby number two, either way, you want to document this special time in your life and perhaps you are even considering getting some professional photos done of your baby bump and/or your newborn baby. But where do you start? How do you find the best photographer to make you feel relaxed and comfortable for your pregnancy photos, and how can you be sure your precious newborn baby is in good hands when it is time for those all important first photos. I’ve compiled a list of things you should take into account when deciding on a photographer so that you can be sure you find the photographer that is right for you and your family.

Firstly, you need to fall in love with some of their previous work, as this is a snapshot of their style and what you can expect to receive as well. Most professional photographers will have websites and blogs showcasing their best work in a portfolio of image categories, so have a browse through their websites, and take notes of the photographers you liked best and even take note of the particular images you fell in love with to help narrow down your search. You will more than likely find an emotional connection with some of their images and it’s those reactions that will help make you decide. First and foremost you should go with your heart and if you have fallen in love with something, you should go with it.

The next thing to do is to see if they have testimonials from past happy clients that you can read. Photographers who have had a lot of clients will more than likely have received a special thank you and a snippet of their experience with that photographer that made it that extra bit special. People only tend to write nice things if they had an enjoyable experience, so make sure there are lots of comments made by previous clients.

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Experienced photographers would have invested in educating themselves to perfected their craft over a number of years, and most of the time they would have attended workshops or courses to learn from the best in the industry to find out all the tips and secrets to keeping babies asleep, the best soothing techniques and most important, ensuring baby safety at all times. You want to ensure that no matter how your baby is posed, it was done with the upmost care and safety. Does the photographer use an assistant to provide that extra pair of hands for more safety? All these things matter and are important to ensure you not only receive beautiful portraits, but that you can sit back and relax and trust that your baby is in good hands.

Lastly price. Yes it is an important factor in the decision making process, but it should not be the main factor. If you truly value the memories that photographs provide, you will know that the cost is priceless. Think about looking back at the photographs in 20 years time, and being able to remember every little detail of that precious time. All photographers have different pricing structures, depending on experience and location. How much did you spend on your last flat screen TV? Will that TV be passed down to your children, so that they can then pass it onto their children?Caleb 0488 300x220 | Choosing the right Perth Newborn Photographer | newborns

Choose a photographer whose photos gave you an emotional connection, and the photographer who you initially thought ‘oh I’d love to have photos like that of my baby’ when viewing their work. That’s the photographer that’s right for you.

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