The Ideal Age for Sensational Newborn Photography

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To achieve the most sensational newborn photos your baby should be photographed before eight weeks of age, though ideally between one and two weeks old. For most parents, this will involve scheduling a newborn photography shoot before the child is born, so make contact with your photographer prior to giving birth to discuss any queries that you may have and find out what you need to prepare to ensure the most fantastic and memorable newborn photography.

Why Age Matters – Achieving the Perfect Newborn Photos

The ideal age to take newborn photos is between their first and second week, so 7-14 days after they have made their entrance into the world. This is a precious time for baby and mum and dad, and naturally they’ll want to spend as much time together as possible, but if the most sensational newborn photography is to be achieved, time is of the essence. This is because:

  • Baby grows, develops and changes so much during their first few months

The first few months are so amazing in so many ways, not least of all because of the growth, development and the changes that babies go through. This is such a wonderful time and it represents a wonderful opportunity to capture those never-to-be-seen-again moments.

  • Baby is far more relaxed, sleepy and so much easier to photograph

Newborns are so much easier to shoot than their slightly older counterparts because they’re so relaxed and sleepy which allows the photographer to achieve more artistic and stylish poses. As children grow up learning how to interact with cameras, this is a wonderful opportunity to photograph them sleeping so passively and peacefully without a care in the world.

At this delightfully precious age newborns tend to curl up naturally in womb-like poses, plus their skin is so smooth and soft so it allows the experienced photographer to capture those beautifully defined and distinct lines in the child’s skin that they quickly lose over the following weeks and months.

These features – the creases and wrinkles, the teeny toes, the blistered lips and tightly sealed eyes – fade so quickly, so it’s a great opportunity to capture your baby in this truly special age before their features further form and they start to look so much more like their older selves.

Two to Eight Weeks

Although one to two weeks of age is the ideal time to photograph a newborn, that isn’t to say it’s too late for babies aged two to eight weeks to be photographed. There are a few things that parents need to understand about baby photoshoots at this age, for example, babies might not curl up as easily and they may not feel as comfortable without their clothes as a newborn.

Photoshoots at this age generally focus more on the baby clothed and awake, perhaps snuggled in a beanbag or tucked in a basket, maybe giggling and smiling, though this usually doesn’t occur until later at around 3-4 months. However, beautiful newborn photos are assured at any age.

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