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As this was the third baby I had photographed for Rob and Janelle, I thought it would be nice to hear a bit about her birth story for little Indiana Scarlett, photographed here at her newborn photography session at just 6 days old!!

I had never been pregnant for this long before. I’d always gone past 40 weeks, but never 41 and yet there it was staring me in the face. I had made my next appointment with my midwife for 40+6, laughing as I told her I didn’t expect to still be pregnant at that point… but there I was. My previous pregnancies had had warning signs of the impending labour several days before, but I had had no signs yet of anything happening. On the morning I reached 41 weeks, I messaged my midwife and birth photographer to let them know nothing was happening yet. It will come, my midwife messaged back reassuringly, unconcerned.

She was right. That night after I went to bed, there was a sudden sharp pain, I rolled over and realised my waters had broken.

I was not having any contractions so texted my midwife to let her know and tried to sleep. My last labour (first VBAC) had gone for nearly a full day so I wanted to get as much rest as possible. After an hour, I started getting discomfort across my stomach. Nothing like contractions with my first two. I felt sick too and hoped I wasn’t getting food poisoning. Up and down to the toilet over the next hour until l realised the stomach pains were becoming regular. Then I twigged that this was what labour was going to be like this time around. Quite painful unlike previous, and I had to use all my concentration and hypnobirthing training to get through each one. I timed a few – 4 mins apart. Based on the last two labours I thought I had hours to go, but better get the birth pool filled now so it could help with the pain. 

Shook my husband awake (took a while!) but once he realised what was going on he was alert and started inflating the pool. Unfortunately the noise of the pump woke my youngest and Rob lost precious minutes going up to settle him several times. We should have started filling it with water immediately. 

While this was going on I was stuck in the toilet upstairs trying to stand up before the next contraction hit. Called my midwife to tell her I was getting pushy and to come over. She was only a few suburbs away so I knew she’d be there quickly. I waited for the end of a contraction, got downstairs and called my birth photographer, who had a long drive ahead of her – by this point I hoped rather than expected her to arrive before baby. The sofa got covered with a waterproof sheet and Rob went outside to get the hose to fill the pool. I was pushing involuntarily at the end of each contraction. My midwife arrived, took a look at me and told Rob to stop with the pool and go wake the boys as the baby was coming now! She checked bub’s heart rate with the doppler as he ran upstairs.

He came downstairs with two very excited boys and my camera, took a few photos and then my midwife took over photo duties and told Rob to get ready to catch. She talked me through breathing through the last few pushes as the stretching feeling became intense, and then there she was… we were surprised and delighted to find we had a healthy baby girl!

Baby and I were settled onto the sofa and vitals checked, a few minutes later there were car lights visible from the front of the house as my birth photographer arrived, followed shortly after by the backup midwife. The timestamp on my camera showed 6 minutes from the first photo to baby being born. I still couldn’t believe how quickly the labour and birth had gone. I had birthing snacks, hydrating drinks, snacks for my birth team ready, plans to tidy the lounge room where I birthed… our girl wasn’t waiting for any of that! From day 0 she has been very definite (and vocal) about what she wants or doesn’t like… I think we’ve welcomed quite a personality to our family and it will be a lot of fun watching our determined little girl grow up.

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