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Harlow 0149 copy | Perth Newborn Photographer | When should I book my newborn session | newborns Congratulations, you’ve just found out you are expecting!!

Now is the time to secure your booking with a newborn photographer. Read on for some reasons why it’s important to book early.


Don’t Miss Out: You might have your eye on a particular photographer, and the more popular and more experienced ones tend to book up in advance so it’s never guaranteed that they can fit you in should you wait till your baby arrives. The only way to guarantee a session with the photographer of your choice is to secure your due date with them while you are still pregnant.

The booking process: It’s important that clients are well aware of our studio policies, understand our pricing structure and have read and signed our booking form agreement. Understanding what’s included in the price is very important and needs to be discussed ahead of time.

Getting the images you really want: All our portrait sessions have a pre consultation period where we discuss with you your expectations and preferences for your session. For newborn sessions we go into more depth to discuss your favourite poses, colours and even which props to use. Having all this discussed in advance will leave you feeling a lot more relaxed at your session so you can sit back and enjoy the entire experience.

Can’t trust your due date: Arrival dates for newborns are very unpredictable. They can come on time, early or late so it’s never an indicator on how long you have to get everything ready. Don’t put off organising your portrait session for too long because if your baby decided to make an early entrance, you may not be able to secure your want, or your prep time may not be able to happen and the outcome of the session might be different to what you would of expected.

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