“Xavier is our surprise baby – he was the piece of our puzzle we never knew was missing. From the moment I held him in my arms, I knew this perfect little person had arrived home. When I first had an inkling I could be pregnant I was filled with terror! We hadn’t planned a number 2, I was in the process of obtaining a promotion and my husband’s current employment contract was winding up without any new prospects on the horizon. How would we cope? Would our daughter think we were replacing her? What was my workplace going to think! My natural response to all of these questions was to delay announcing my pregnancy until I was 5 months into it!

My labour was not the “organic earth mother” experience I was hoping for second time around. Instead everything and anything went wrong right down to Xavier eating his poop on arrival! Having a baby photography session with family portraits taken while Xavier was still a newborn was so important to us as we didn’t get the opportunity to take intimate family photos in the hospital due to me being on bed rest and Xavier being admitted to high-care nursery. Our baby photography session with Kristy exceeded our expectations. Prior to the session Kristy sent us information on what to expect and how best to prepare for the day. On the day Kristy took care of everything and put our minds at ease, in fact we were asking her for sleep training advice because she had managed to get Xavier to sleep through the whole session! Our family portraits speak for themselves; each image shows a relaxed, overtired yet elated family – you can hardly tell that these overtired parents forgot their freshly ironed clothes home and dad had to make a dash home to retrieve them!
Kristy captured a beautiful moment in time and thanks to her these memories will now last a lifetime.
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