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Having a newborn baby is a special and precious time in your life. It is an occasion to celebrate. Newborns grow up faster than you can imagine. During the first month of life infants are often asleep, but before you know it they will be lifting their head, gazing into your eyes, and smiling.

Newborn photos are best taken in the first two weeks, before your little one gets too big. Newborn portraits are the best way to remember these special memories by capturing all the smallest details of your baby’s character. Celebrate the life of your little one with photographs of their soft lips and skin, gentle eyelashes, and sweet little personality.

Beautiful Baby Photos Perth

It is a wonderful skill to be able to capture the sweet memories of infancy. Newborn baby photography is a special art. I can photograph newborns as you are holding them in your arms, showing the close family bonds that tie you two together. I can also photograph babies on their own, documenting all of their tiny features.

My studio is filled with props that can be used to accessorise your newborn. Headbands, blankets, and knitted hats make adorable props and also help show the world exactly how tiny your little baby looks. I request that newborns are always photographed in the nude, as this is the best way to honour the exquisite miracle of life. No nappies or special outfits are needed for the shoots.

Full Time Professional Baby Photographer Perth

I have been a professional family and newborn portrait photographer for the past five years. My own family has been very supportive of me pursuing this passion, and so have my clients. Many of my client families have returned to me for family photo shoots to document their children as they rapidly grow up.

I am also an AIPP Accredited and Award Winning Professional Photographer. I encourage all prospective families to look through my photo galleries, as I believe the quality of my work speaks for itself.

Maternity and Newborn Baby Photos Perth

One of my favourite ways to photograph newborns is with memorable before and after pictures. Maternity photos show the beauty of a woman as she carries life inside her, while portraits of the newborn and mother together show the bond formed during those nine months together.

Before and after portraits of a mother and baby also capture the delicate changes in a woman’s body. They can even be taken in the exact same position and outfit to highlight these changes. Please visit my photo galleries to see my recent example portraits.

After the Session

Parents are always eager to see the pictures of their little one. When they see the photos, they often cannot believe for themselves how rapidly their newborn grows over the course of a few weeks. Parents can return to my studio after a few weeks to select their favourite newborn photos in digital or print format.

Make sure you can remember these precious first two weeks. Contact me today to book a baby photography session.