I get asked a lot about when the best time to photograph babies is after their newborn session. Or if you missed the newborn shoot, when should you bring your baby in.
Honestly, anytime is a good time to photograph your baby!! I mean, who doesn’t love gorgeous photos of their adorable baby whom is changing every week…right before your eyes 👀
But, what I tell clients is this….
If you want the next best stage after the newborn weeks, the best time is when your baby has just started to sit up unassisted. Not yet crawling. That way we can get some adorable photos of that milestone in their life….just as their independence starts to grow and your baby is on the move!! Sessions are more successful before babies start to crawl, because once they do..they rarely decide that sitting in the one place and smiling for me is much fun 😂
This usually happens around 6-7 months, but can be earlier for some advanced babies. If you’re in doubt, just send me a message and we can discuss the best time for YOUR baby’s session.
Here is little Hayden at his sitter session 💙
sitter session