Newborn Sessions

Newborns are truly Kristy’s favourite subjects to photograph and her passion for capturing the newness of life shows in the way that she comforts, soothes, and carefully poses them. After their sessions, many of her clients leave her studio convinced that she is “a baby whisperer.” Newborns stay new for such a short time. Kristy loves to capture all of the special details of your fresh little one before they begin to change. As one of Perth’s most experienced newborn photographers, she is highly sought after for her unique perspective and natural ability to capture the beauty of newborn babies. Kristy is up to date with all vaccines including COVID-19 and whooping cough.


When should I call to schedule my newborn session?

Before your baby is born! It is so important to plan ahead. Capturing your newborn within the first two weeks of life while they are still sleepy and curled up, can make all the difference in your newborn portraits. Kristy’s schedule fills up about four weeks in advance so please call to schedule your newborn appointment before your baby is born. Since we never really know when your little one will arrive we will put you on our calendar to hold a spot for you. When your baby is born we will move your appointment accordingly.

If your baby came early or if your baby is already born, don’t panic! We always do our best to squeeze newborns into our schedule and older babies take beautiful portraits too.


How old should my baby be for photos?

Most photographers will only take babies between 6-12 days old. Kristy has no preference and recommends any time between 5 days right up to 4 weeks old. Newborn babies photographed between 6-10 days old are more likely to do the sweet curly poses we all love however Kristy can guarantee beautiful photos of your baby at any age. She allows up to three hours on the day of your newborn session leaving plenty of time for feedings, nappy changes and breaks for mummy and baby. Come as soon as you are ready. She can’t wait to meet your new little one.


What should baby wear?

Newborns photograph best without any clothes at all. Kristy also loves to photograph newborns swaddled in blankets with lots of texture and snuggled up tight in buckets and baskets, so if you have a special blanket or two bring them. We have an extensive supply of newborn hats, bows and headbands that coordinate beautifully with our blankets and props that Kristy will use to stylize your images. You are welcome to bring any hats or props that you would like to have the baby photographed in. Kristy encourages her clients to bring special, personal items which make the session and images especially meaningful.


How should I prepare for my newborn session?

Sleepy babies photograph perfectly, so Kristy will undress and swaddle baby when you arrive and either start straight away, or give to you for a feed before getting started. We take several breaks for feeding baby during the session to ensure that baby is happy and has a full tummy. We ask that you not be too concerned with scheduled feedings during the session and that you feed baby on demand or when they get a bit fussy to ensure their comfort and a smooth session.


Can I circumcise my baby boy before the session?

NO!! Please wait until after your session. We will be tightly swaddling your boy naked in scarves and delicate fabrics. The fabrics are soft, however a fresh circumcision is very fragile and often uncomfortable for a newborn. When we wrap and unwrap, along with change his position or pose, the circumcision can become irritated even further which leads to a VERY unhappy baby who is not able to be photographed. We do not want to make your baby hurt or uncomfortable. Please note, we feel very strongly about this and we WILL send you home if your baby arrives at the studio and has been circumcised within 5 days of your session.


Can I be photographed with my baby?

Most certainly! This is our specialty and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Kristy loves to capture the emotion of those special first days with your new little one and believes that there is no greater image than a new mummy or daddy cuddling with and admiring their newborn child. Skin on skin images are a unique way to capture the purity of these relationships, but we also ask parents to bring a long sleeved neutral colored shirt so that they may serve as a backdrop for baby for some of the images.