Capture the Beautiful Moments of Your Newborn

It’s amazing how quickly babies grow up. In a few brief moments, your newborn will start to develop his or her own independent personality. The tiny, timid creature in your arms will be crawling, sitting up, and giggling all before you know it. These moments pass by in such brevity that they may seem like a fleeting memory all too soon.

Award Winning Newborn Photography in Perth

What better way is there to honour the beautiful life that you brought into being than with sweet photo memories? Through photographs, you can remember all the most precious moments with your tiny baby. Newborn photography Perth captures infants as they are just beginning to experience the world, often in the first two weeks after birth.

There is nothing better than seeing the smiles on new parents’ faces when they are handed their first newborn portraits. Very few things in the world are quite as precious as a picture of your sleeping, peaceful baby. I have spent the past 5 years perfecting my newborn portraits, and every day I am reminded of my passion for this particular art.

Natural Newborn Photos Perth

Newborn photos should be taken 5 to14 days after your baby is born. It is best to book a photography session in advance to be sure you can capture your little one in their most tender, sleepy days. These photos can be sent to family and friends as a proud reminder of your newest life milestone.

My newborn photographs are always taken with the infant completely nude, using no clothes or nappies. I believe these pictures are the best way to capture the preciousness of life, and my clients agree. I have a variety of props including wraps, headbands, and knitted hats that can be used to take adorable portraits of your newborn.

Newborn Family Portraits Perth

Most families want pictures with their beloved baby. Family portraits with a newborn can capture the inexplicable, magical joy experienced by parents and siblings as they spend their very first days with the newest family member. Maternity portraits can also be a great complement to your newborn photo set. They can help you remember the feelings and emotions you experience before and after your baby is born.

Be sure to book a photography session before your infant turns 14 days old. After 14 days, babies start to take on a life of their own and are harder to pose in the timeless way of newborns. The first two weeks are the ideal time for capturing your sleepy, cherished infant.

Make a Booking

Sessions generally run for 2.5 hours to 4 hours, so families should prepare accordingly. Family portraits with parents are best done at the beginning of the session. No special outfits are needed for your infant, but plenty of props are available at my Hilbert studio.

Families can get a feel for my photography style by browsing through the newborn portrait galleries here or by contact me directly with any questions.